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The rules of receiving 1000 XBX


  1. All users must finish with KYC and get approved and eligible to trade. With the new KYC which we will implement on the 21st May 2019.
  2. User must deposit an amount of more than 100$ worth of Funds before the 21st May.
  3. The user must buy 100$ worth of XBX In that funds and start staking the amount bought for 1 Month on the EZBITEX platform once the EZBITEX platform allows staking.
  4. The user may choose either to stake 100$ worth of XBX or to invite 10 users who will buy 50$ worth of XBX on the account on EZBITEX and start staking for 1 month.
  5. If the user starts staking for 1 month and could not invite 10 people to use the worth of 50$ to buy XBX on the platform the user will be entitled the 1000 XBX only after he successfully stakes the XBX for 1 month.
  6. If the user fails to do either of these rules the user will fail to receive the 1000 XBX.
  7. If the user doesn’t fail to do the above and instead brings 10 users who buy 100$ of XBX each and all users stake for 1 month in total.

We will airdrop all the users added with 100$ worth of XBX after confirming the users have done their staking. This means the users brought by you will also have a chance to get 100$ worth of XBX if they support the platform.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Failure to follow the rules above will result in immediate suspension or disqualification.
  2. Any kind of offensive or inadequate behavior will result in immediate suspension or disqualification.
  3. ALWAYS read the campaign rules and follow its instructions.
  4. Only joining with one account is allowed. If you are found using multiple accounts, you will be blacklisted and the bounty will be paid for only one account after scrutiny.
  5. You must finish your KYC from the following link or you will not be eligible for your tokens.

Token Information:

For more information about Bitex




Welcome to Bitex Global official group🤝

Registration is now open, so log on to and explore away🙌

XBX is now listed on the following exchanges:

1️⃣ IDAX
🚀Trade Here:
2️⃣ Right BTC :
3️⃣ BitBay:
4️⃣ p2pb2b :
5️⃣CoinAll :

👉You can now swap your Bitex Coin (XBX) to BTC and USDT through http://Swap.Online
👉 XBX is also available on Blockfolio:
👉 XBX is also available on Coin Market Cap

How to get BitexPay Card?
👉 Go to: and register an account.
👉 Please process KYC at
👉 You can order and pay via cryptocurrency to get debit cards.
Time to change your coins to XBX 👌😍⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡
Cryptocurrency is the future of payments. Bitex is an all in one cryptocurrency solution for your daily needs.XBX will be taken as fees in all our transactions as a utility token.
Token name: XBX ⚜️
Total supply: 300.000.000 XBX ⚡️
👔 👔The Admins of Bitex Global Official are 👔 👔
⚜️Harith M @harith_bitex_cerberex_estatex — CEO/CTO
⚜️Ryan LaFrance @sirimport_BitexGlobal — CFO
⚜️Nicolas @SnowBross —
⚜️ Bitex Global Official — Community Manager
⚜️Official admins:
⚜️Bitex Business Proposal
⚜️Bitex Bounty Manager: @MichaelDaigen @AlexHunters @merlyn22
✔️ Website ➖
✔️ Whitepaper ➖
✔️ YouTube ➖
✔️ Facebook ➖
✔️ Twitter ➖ /
✔️ Instagram➖
✔️Zendesk –
✔️ [email protected]➖
✔️ Bitcoin talk ANN thread ➖;all
✔️ Bitcoin talk BOUNTY thread ➖
Bitex Official community group:
✅South Korea:
✅Romania :
Xnews Official
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