Another Milestone for XBX in January 2019

Bitex Global XBX Coin was listed on P2PB2B on January 31st.


Many Exchanges listing means many markets for XBX and introducing XBX to the world at the same time. The first step of globalization is to have the XBX coin available worldwide.

The next step of Bitex is our product launch and we are happy to announce that in less than 30 days we will be able to announce when we will allow users to deposit and start trading.

This is a great step towards locally embedding a global platform.

Our related applications are already in production and we are very pleased to announce that the XBX future is bright as we keep building. We survived the bear market now it is truly time for us to shine. Thank you for your continuous support.

Thank you

Harith M


Welcome to Bitex Official group 🤝
🔥We are proud to announce that XBX (Bitex Coin) will be listed at 2$ on 17 exchanges Globally including EZBITEX. 🔥
💥💥 LATEST UPDATE : We have created several contests for you to participate and earn more XBX by trading or referring Bitex to your friends and family. 💥💥
XBX is now listed on the following:
👉 IDAX : January 3rd UTC 10:00
🚀Trade Here:
👉 Right BTC : January 11th UTC 0:00
👉 Coinlim : January 13th UTC 0:00
👉 Bitbay : January 29th 3pm GMT+2
👉 p2pb2b : January 31st UTC 0:00
👉You can now swap your Bitex Coin (XBX) to BTC and USDT through
🚀 http://Swap.Online (@SwapOnlineTeam)
👉 XBX is also available on Blockfolio:
🎊EZBITEX Exchange Launch: March 1st UTC 0:00 🎊
How to get Bitex Card?
👉 Go to : and register an account.
👉Please process KYC
👉 You can order and pay via cryptocurrency to get debit cards.
Time to change your coins to XBX 👌😍⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡
Cryptocurrency is the future of payments. Bitex is an all in one cryptocurrency solution for your daily needs.XBX will be taken as fees in all our transactions as a utility token.
Token name: XBX ⚜️
Total supply: 300.000.000 XBX ⚡️
👔 👔The Admins of Bitex Global Official are 👔 👔
⚜️Harith M @harith_bitex_cerberex_estatex — CEO/CTO
⚜️Ryan LaFrance @sirimport_BitexGlobal — CFO
⚜️Nicolas @SnowBross —
⚜️ Bitex Global Official — Community Manager
⚜️Official admins:
@capableuwa                                                                                                                                                      @Ankit523                                                                                                                                             @CryptoTimexx
⚜️Bitex Business Proposal
⚜️Bitex Bounty Manager: @MichaelDaigen
⚜️Xnews Bounty Manager:@merlyn22
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✔️ [email protected]➖
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