Bitex Global Updates of July 2019.

To our dear supporters,

We would like to take the time to share what we have been doing the past month as we believe in what we are doing and would like to share the transparency to the community.

We hope for your understanding and appreciate your generous support and patience for our developments.

Thank you

Harith M

Welcome to Bitex Global official group🤝


XBX is listed on the following exchanges:

1️⃣ IDAX (
2️⃣ Right BTC (
3️⃣ BitBay (
4️⃣ p2pb2b (
5️⃣ CoinAll ( :

📌How to get BitexPay Card?📌
👉 Go to: BitexPay ( and register an account.
👉 Please process KYC at EZBITEX
(👉 You can order and pay via cryptocurrency to get debit cards.
Time to change your coins to XBX 👌😍⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡
Cryptocurrency is the future of payments. Bitex is an all in one cryptocurrency solution for your daily needs.XBX will be taken as fees in all our transactions as a utility token.

Contract address: 0x57c09a8de0b0f471f8567609777addffb5c46a08
Token name: XBX
Decimal: 18
Total supply: 300.000.000 XBX

👔 👔The Admins of Bitex Global Official are 👔 👔
⚜️ CEO/CTO : Harith M @harith_bitex_cerberex_estatex
⚜️ CFO : Ryan LaFrance @sirimport_BitexGlobal
⚜️Nicolas @SnowBross
⚜️ Community Managers
⚜️Official admins:
@barnes13 @jekjekey @collinsuwa
@Poloniex49 @CryptoTimexx @mhedz28
@Ankit523 @sultan284 @acmakc82
@SaepulMuhtadin @Jacckie @harinic11
@ryanvickri @icoblog @Fabguy
@Cardib10 @peteranh910 @balogun24
@Skeeed @jinaze05 @cryptoalex90
⚜️Bitex Business Proposal
⚜️Bitex Bounty Managers: @MichaelDaigen @AlexHunters @merlyn22
✔️ Website ➖
✔️ Whitepaper ➖
✅ YouTube ➖
✅ Facebook ➖
✅ Twitter ➖ /
✅ Instagram➖
✅Zendesk —
[email protected]➖
✅ Bitcoin talk ANN thread ➖;all
✅ Bitcoin talk BOUNTY thread ➖
Bitex Official community group:
✅Announcement Channel:
✅South Korea:
✅Romania :
Xnews Official
✅Official Group:

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