Bitex XBX Listing Major Two Exchanges Confirmed!

We are delighted to announce the confirmation of two of the worldwide exchanges to list XBX as a trading pair on their respective Exchange platform.

These are the exchanges that we have applied for.

We will announce these Exchanges names once we are allowed to after the exchanges have made an official announcement.

We just want to ensure you that we have taken precautions to confirm this listing and contacted the team to make sure that it is not a fraud or scam and respectively the Exchange platform itself who is contacting us.

We wanted our supporters to benefit from this information however we are strictly bound to an NDA, therefore, we may not discuss the names of the exchanges that we will be listed on. We will make announcements on all social media channels as well as advertisements on all NEWS channels using $1,000,000 to promote this achievement and celebration of our Journey.

YES!!!!!!!!! We did it!!!!!!!!!! Thank you fellow XBXians!!!!!!!

Best Regards

Bitex Team

Welcome to Bitex Global official group🤝

Registration is now open, so log on to and explore away!🙌

XBX is now listed on the following exchanges:

1️⃣ IDAX
🚀Trade Here:
2️⃣ Right BTC:
3️⃣ BitBay:
4️⃣ p2pb2b :
5️⃣CoinAll :

👉You can now swap your Bitex Coin (XBX) to BTC and USDT through http://Swap.Online
👉 XBX is also available on Blockfolio:
👉 XBX is also available on Coin Market Cap

How to get BitexPay Card?
👉 Go to: and register an account.
👉 Please process KYC at
👉 You can order and pay via cryptocurrency to get debit cards.
Time to change your coins to XBX 👌😍⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡
Cryptocurrency is the future of payments. Bitex is an all in one cryptocurrency solution for your daily needs.XBX will be taken as fees in all our transactions as a utility token.
Token name: XBX ⚜️
Total supply: 300.000.000 XBX ⚡️
👔 👔The Admins of Bitex Global Official are 👔 👔
⚜️Harith M @harith_bitex_cerberex_estatex — CEO/CTO
⚜️Ryan LaFrance @sirimport_BitexGlobal — CFO
⚜️Nicolas @SnowBross —
⚜️ Bitex Global Official — Community Manager
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