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Accept Bitcoin and Altcoins at your store —
no need to say sorry

The BitexPay card links Bitcoin and other altcoins with traditional finances. It’s designed for everyone affiliated with cryptocurrencies, and works with any point of sale terminal everywhere major cards are. Accept Bitex Cards and Bitex Branded cards at your store! Bring crypto to your everyday life. 

Why Bitex? Why Not Bitex?

We charge a miner fee for each transaction, additionally, we charge a small fee for converting to and from BTC or other Cryptocurrencies. That’s it — no hidden fees or unfair pricing included. Our transparent pricing system eliminates the situation when you were charged doubly: by the sender and the recipient bank, or by non-transparent Bitcoin services. Take advantage of our simple and transparent conversion and let your experience talk for you.

  • Cloud Compare

    Cloud Compare

    Your possible payment strategy will be calculated on the cloud and provided with the best possible way to pay and save money at the same time. However, if you wish to pay with another currency you may always do so.
  • Profitable Exchange

    Profitable Exchange

    We make it not only profitable for you. We make it profitable for everyone by providing transparency and a solution to Exchange.
  • Profit Calculation

    Profit Calculation

    We provide you with daily, weekly, monthly, yearly metrics for your assets. Taxation is inevitable. Stay clear from now.
  • Reliable Protection

    Reliable Protection

    Our system intends to provide the security a bank will provide. By you holding your own private keys we not only make it safe. We allow you to take over control of your assets. We believe security lies within self-securing your assets.
  • Professional Support

    Professional Support

    Give us a call or message us and our 24/7 support team will gladly help you with your needs. (Starting January 2019)
  • No Hidden Commissions

    No Hidden Commissions

    We believe you know what your best options. We aim to be the cheapest, fastest, safest way that you always choose. Nothing more Nothing less.

NO More

Crypto Fluctuations

We all wanted to use crypto for payments or receive payments. However we did not have a solution. Well, now we have one Choose G7 Coin , for a stable transfer, and avoid fluctuation in payments. Now you can do your accounting for these transactions.

Our services

Become A Partner with Bitex

Bitex Provides a Whitelabel solution for our Users and Clients.

All Platinum Members Card holders are entitled with a Whitelabel solution  Partnership Offer. In other words, all you have to do to become a partner for your Business is to have a  Bitex Platinum Card and become a  Member with us. Once you have a Platinum Card we will discuss more on partnership deals that we can make with your Business.

We have several Partnership models such as Bitex Card Reader Reseller, Bitex Card Reseller, Bitex Products Whole seller. Bitex Exchange Franchise Model Owner. Bitex Whitelabel products Partnerships are available from Diamond Card Ownership.

We have several Partnership models such as Bitex Card Reader Reseller, Bitex Card Reseller, Bitex Products Whole seller. Bitex Exchange Franchise Model Owner. Bitex Whitelabel products Partnerships are available from Diamond Card Ownership.

3 easy steps to Partner with us

We partner with partners that want our sucess as much as we want theirs
We are open for ideas

  • <span> 01. </span> Enter your personal info
    01. Enter your personal info
    Enter your personal Information exactly same as your National ID or Passport.
  • <span> 02. </span> Attach your ID-scan
    02. Attach your ID-scan
    Attach a clear scan or photo of your National ID or Passport. (Make sure it is clearly visible)
  • <span> 03. </span> Make payment to acquire XBX
    03. Make payment to acquire XBX
    You will require a certain amount of XBX for each Bitex card in your Eth wallet that you own private keys of. (Do not use an Exchange wallet address)

Our clients say

Anastasia Stone
Business Analyst

With BitexPay my journey to easy payments with crypto had come to an end. Bitex is the solution I have been waiting for and now its time to let everyone know that we have a better way of paying our bills.

Patrick James
Top Manager

At first I said to myself "Wait this is too good to be true! A crypto card !!!!!! Awesome"   Didn't hesitate to get my very first Platinum Bitex Card. Can't wait to get it delivered. Keep up the good work team.

Steven Rashford

I have been long in the crypto space. But I have never seen anything like this project. We are all tired of ICO's. It is about time to take this to the next level. Go Bitex.

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Bitex Card Readers

BitexPay is the next generation payment solution for both consumers and merchants.


Cards Sold In 30 days.

Order your Bitex Card and Enjoy the cashback in XBX

Every time you use your Bitex Card you receive a % of your usage at the same worth in XBX. This is just a way of saying Thank you from us.

We are specialized in Blockchain Technologies , Initial Coin Offering, Crypto Currencies Investments, Point Of Sale Technology.

Our team of skilled engineers is constantly working on improving your experience with BitexPay. We are ready and fully equipped to help with any trouble you might face using our products. 

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