Cashback (for holding XBX in the account) concerns all purchases made via POS terminals and online payments.

The cashback amount will be transferred (in XBX equivalent) once a month to your fund account. The more you use the more you gain. Stop wasting time looking for the best card on the market.

Yes, after charging the card with fiat, the amount is credited to your current account. You will be able to convert your fiat to crypto on the BitexWallet. You may not only convert you may buy, trade, transfer and Pay with a BitexPay card and wallet App.

Yes, you can.

Note that if you withdraw your reserve balance, and you do not have the minimum required XBX your card will be downgraded to the sufficient balance and we pay your cashback accordingly.

If you pay in local currency, the amount will be converted to the base currency of the card. You may choose your base (12) currency from our Fiat currencies or G7 coin.

We calculate exchange rate via the average market price of XBX (according to the EZBITEX Exchange, transactions prices may slightly differ during to transactions time and network) at the moment of transaction.

You can use it wherever Visa or Mastercard is accepted. We are bringing BitexPay to your hand. You may use it anywhere including online purchase and restaurants around the world.

You may claim your very own card reader by registering for primary card and above.

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After the verification and KYC process is complete, we will send you the card/cards using the postal service free of charge.

Depending on the target country, we will use DHL, FedEx, UPS or possibly other delivery services, with DHL and FedEx being the preferred companies.

Note: Bitex card(s) can be delivered to any country where at least one of the delivery services operates.

To order the card, you need to:

1) Register at    <a href=""></a>

2) Confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. Make sure you check your Spam folder, should you not see the email in your inbox.

3) Log in to your account.

4) Select the card you want to order.

5) Pay for the card using your credit or debit card via Paypal or Stripe QR code (for mobile wallets) or the address below the image (for desktop and web wallet or exchange). Kindly remember that there are transaction fees to this process.

Note: You may pay for one card at a time only. If you want to order more than 1 card, you need to pay for them one after the other.

6) After payment, you will see a message stating that verification process will start in 3 business days for the Bitex Card early birds and may take up to 6 weeks (depends on your ID documents and registration KYC).

7) After the verification process is successful and payment is complete we will first send you XBX to your registered wallet, and after 1<sup>st</sup> November 2018, We will process your card/cards for shipping by courier service at the fastest delivery.

8) After you receive the card(s), you need to send the XBX required as deposit amount (required minimum balance) to the address in your BitexPay account and activate the card(s).

9) Each card associated with a BitexPay account should hold a minimum required XBX for a continuous period of 30 days in order to receive a cashback of the usage of assets. If you run out of minimum required XBX we will recalculate only when you reach our minimum requirements

10) Enjoy the benefits of holding crypto and using it almost anywhere around the world.

Free of charge! Please note, that if you don’t use your card during the whole calendar year, you will be charged 100 USD. This amount will be charged from your current account.

If there are not enough funds, your card will be suspended.

Please note that this amount won't be charged from your reserve account.

If you decide to close your suspended card, you will need to pay 100 USD in order to withdraw your reserve balance.

All BitexPay cards are issued by BitexBank with an international license (category B), established and managed by


By ordering a BitexPay card, each client becomes a participant in the trust fund and, at will, transfers their assets to be managed by the fund.

The fund, based on the value of said assets, acts as a guarantor of the corresponding credit limit (opened by the bank for the cardholder).

Fees associated with that guarantee are 0.01% per year.

When a client spends his credit limit, the fund immediately sells the cardholder's crypto-assets or Fiat assets at an exchange rate defined on EZBITEX (at the time of payment).

After the sale, the client’s available balance is updated accordingly.

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