P2PB2B is listing Bitex Global XBX Coin on 31st UTC 0:00.

Are you already Bored by our listing? Well, you better not be since we are just getting started.

P2PB2B is listing Bitex Global XBX Coin on 31st UTC 0:00.

Another milestone, We have listed 5 exchanges this month and we are not stopping at all.

Next month we have a very interesting month for Bitex.

Stay tuned.

Bitex Team

Welcome to Bitex Official group!🤝

🔥We are proud to announce that XBX (Bitex Coin) will be listed at 2$ on 17 exchanges Globally including EZBITEX. 🔥

💥💥 LATEST UPDATE : We have created several contests for you to participate and earn more XBX by trading or referring Bitex to your friends and family. https://bitexpay.cards/contests/ 💥💥

XBX is now listed on:
👉IDAX: January 3rd UTC 10:00
🚀Trade Here: https://m.idax.pro/#/trade?pairname=XBX_BTC
👉Right BTC: January 11th UTC 0:00
👉Coinlim: January 13th UTC 0:00
👉You can now swap your Bitex Coin (XBX) to BTC and USDT through
🚀 http://Swap.Online (@SwapOnlineTeam)

👉 XBX is also available on Blockfolio: https://blockfolio.com/

🎊EZBITEX Exchange Launch: March 1st UTC 0:00 🎊

How to get Bitex Card?
👉 Go to : https://bitexpay.cards/my-account/ and register an account.
👉Please process KYC
👉 You can order and pay via cryptocurrency to get debit cards.
Time to change your coins to XBX 👌😍⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡💰⚔️🛡
Cryptocurrency is the future of payments. Bitex is an all in one cryptocurrency solution for your daily needs.XBX will be taken as fees in all our transactions as a utility token.
Token name: XBX ⚜️
Total supply: 300.000.000 XBX ⚡️
👔 👔The Admins of Bitex Global Official are 👔 👔
⚜️Harith M @harith_bitex_cerberex_estatex — CEO/CTO
⚜️Ryan LaFrance @sirimport_BitexGlobal — CFO
⚜️Nicolas @nikky555 —
⚜️ Bitex Global Official — Community Manager
⚜️Official admins:
@capableuwa @Ankit523 @CryptoTimexx
⚜️Bitex Business Proposal
⚜️Bitex Bounty Manager: @MichaelDaigen
⚜️Xnews Bounty Manager:@merlyn22
✔️ Website ➖

Home BitexPay

✔️ Whitepaper ➖ https://ico.bitex.global/docs/XBX-Token-WhitePaper.pdf
✔️ YouTube ➖ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVel9gu85zLQlKLmypD_qw
✔️ Facebook ➖ https://www.facebook.com/bitex.global/
✔️ Twitter ➖ https://twitter.com/Bitex_Global /
✔️ Instagram➖https://www.instagram.com/bitex.global
✔️Zendesk – https://bitexglobal.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
✔️ [email protected]➖ https://line.me/R/ti/p/@bitex-glb
✔️ Bitcoin talk ANN thread ➖ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3651047.0;all
✔️ Bitcoin talk BOUNTY thread ➖ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4328485.0
Bitex Official community group:
✅Global: https://t.me/Bitex_Global_Ico_Official
✅Japanese: https://t.me/Bitex_Global_Japan_Official
✅Korea: https://t.me/Bitex_Global_SouthKorea_Official
Xnews Official
✅Website: https://xnews.io/
✅Official Group: https://t.me/xnews_io_official

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